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Gibberish Generators

The Reality TV Generator

"Text your vote for the most noisy chef to 56433 The Wikipedia Album Generator

"All Commodity Volume, by Jacksonport."

The London Evening Standard Headline Generator

"Toxic Wasps - Prepare To Flee."

Fantasy World News Generator

"Orcish soldiers have sharply increased patrols in Black Cavern since the spike in sectarian violence, an orcish general said Thursday, raising questions about the capabilities of kobold forces."

Sci-Fi News

"Generic Holiday Period on Necros was just another day on the front lines for the Phogon territories military."

Bad Joke Generator

"Where does the Surrealist go on holiday?" "New Surrealand"

Bilateral Thinking Puzzles

"He climbed on a block of ice which had since melted."

eBay Feedback Generator

"Item superlative. Swift to send. Lovely packaging. A remarkably skillful seller."

The Surrealist Dalek


The Ultimate Personality Test

"It is more important to spend time with friends than to deal with unexpected circumstances."

The Sound Effect Generator

"parp chirrup gurgle (hoot-pssh) wooooh chomp wooooh chomp *BOOF!*"

Sheep Poetry

"Warm white clouds drift over the mirrors below."

24 Dreaming

"This is the angriest bee of my life."

The Surrealist Link

"You are the mistiest trenchcoat. Goodbye!"

All original content and concepts from the brains of Kevan Davis and/or Holly Gramazio.