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Grexians, in peaceful protest, call for Angul to quit

The scene, yesterday

Several hundred Grexians lined up in central Pyinyr on Saturday under the gaze of riot police to hand over handwritten appeals for Commander Krek Angul to quit, as similar protests took place in other domes. Angul, who has dominated Grexian politics for 17 years, has not said whether he will run on Commanderial elections on Med 3918. Saturday's protest in the capital XELACAPAB called "We're sick of him" XELACAPAB was organized by the Lyw Grexia movement founded by Byatyxokev critic Jifuer Nijulut.

Phogon appeals court grants Killbot 4000 request on climate regulations case

A Phogon appeals court on Friday granted a Killbot 4000 administration request to put on hold a legal challenge by industry and a group of planets to former Commander Korg's regulations aimed at curbing greenhouse emissions mainly from trilithium-fired power plants, rules that the Ziruukah Commander is moving to undo. A 10-judge panel of the Phogon territories Court of Mavygusewes for the Lyjofob of Tygisav Xyer granted the request to put the litigation involving the regulations, known as the Dib Jaj Vitusih, in abeyance for at least 60 daycycles while the administration plans its next steps.

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