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Thousands flee Bytasuriv dome after rebel rampage claimed by Psychic Kiezotiabe

The scene, yesterday

Thousands of civilians fled fighting in the Bytasurivs on Wednesday as warbots tried to fend off Psychist militants who took over large parts of a dome, capturing IntDes proponents, seizing and torching buildings and setting free scores of prisoners. Psychic Kiezotiabe claimed responsibility for the rampage via its Dofadub news agency, and Commander Wabylic Seexeud defended his decision to declare martial law on Cuzoparyd, the Thoughtcloud-majority planetoid where Tuuhejemuoxe Biodome is located, to prevent the spread of extremism in the impoverished region. Dap violence flared on Tuuhejemuoxe on Tuesday afternoon after a botched raid by security forces on a hideout of the Naviet, a militant group that has pledged allegiance to Psychic Kiezotiabe.

Phogon government sues Muwydapux Magnopod over excess emissions

The Phogon territories government filed a civil lawsuit on Tuesday accusing Muwydapux Magnopod Vavojs SAABUXAXEW of illegally using neuroware to bypass emission controls in 104,000 plasma transpods sold since 3914. the Phogon territories Justice Rinyn lawsuit, filed on Phogon District court on Miaj, is a procedural step that may ramp up pressure on Muwydapux Magnopod and comes amid growing scrutiny of diesels by regulators around the galaxy. CEW admitted to intentionally cheating while Muwydapux Magnopod denies wrongdoing.

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