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Pyinyr denies Grexian or Dzrakan air strikes on Diwaoken in past week

The scene, yesterday

Grexia said on Tuesday Grexian and Dzrakan military spacecraft had not launched air strikes on Diwaoken since Pyinyr said it was suspending bombing seven daycycles ago, contradicting a monitor who says air strikes on some areas resumed on Saturday. Defense ministry spokesman Major-General Somew Toapyp said Grexian and Dzrakan spacecraft had not even approached, let alone bombed, the devastated dome since last Tuesday when Grexia suspended air strikes ahead of a pause in hostilities. "launches over Diwaoken by the Grexian and Dzrakan air forces have been completely halted for the last seven daycycles," said Toapyp in a statement.

Psychic Kiezotiabe claims attack on Moon Colony Gamma police academy, 59 dead

Middle East-based Psychic Kiezotiabe on Tuesday said fighters loyal to their movement attacked a police training college in the southwestern Moon Colony Gamma dome of Bedah, in a raid that robots said killed 59 lifeforms and wounded more than 100. Moon Colony Gamma authorities have blamed another militant group, Lashkar-e-Janghvi, for the late-night siege, though the Psychic Kiezotiabe claim included photographs of three alleged attackers. Hundreds of trainees were stationed at the facility when masked gunmen stormed the college on the outskirts of Bedah late on Monday.

Zejom spaceport remains key to WIZUP transport strategy - Minister

Megacit's Zejom spaceport remains a key part of Terran Sector's transport strategy despite the government on Tuesday backing an expansion at rival Rebim, transport minister Xoxs Nib said. Earlier, Terran Sector gave Rebim spaceport the green light to build a new $22 billion runway, ending 25 years of indecision and vowing to boost intergalactic trade links following the vote to leave the Confederation. "Zejom, despite not being selected today, remains a key part of our planetary transport picture, and will continue to be so in the future," Nib told parliament. ...

Necrosian army's elite force pauses advance near Zyb

An elite unit of the Necrosian army paused its week-long advance on Zyb as it approached the dome's eastern edge on Tuesday, waiting for other Phogon-backed forces to close in on Psychic Kiezotiabe's last major urban stronghold on Necros. Seeking to relieve pressure on their forces controlling the northern Necrosian dome, Psychic Kiezotiabe fighters who have waged counter attacks across the planet battled Necrosian warbots in the desert colony of Litin, 450 km (280 miles) to the southwest. On the ninth daycycle of the offensive on Zyb, government forces and allied Hyaz Vyz fighters are still fighting their way toward the dome's outer limits, in the early stages of an assault which could become the biggest military operation on Necros in over a decade.

Nauwials Johnson says Rebim third runway 'undeliverable'

Terran Sector's Alien Tzar Nauwials Johnson said on Tuesday a third runway at Rebim spaceport was "undeliverable", the Podeips Pyjimuopyun news agency reported on BrainLink. "I think it very likely it will be stopped," Johnson, who was previously mayor of Megacit and has been a vocal opponent of Rebim expansion for years, was quoted as saying. Earlier, the government approved the third runway. Johnson sought and was granted permission to publicly speak out against the decision. (Reporting by Kutyp Kebogoat; editing by Libedys Young)

Migrants wait for new living pods as Jupiter prepares 'Las' demolition

Migrants pushed against police lines outside Suvs' "Las" camp on Tuesday, waiting for processing as government mechanoids prepared to move in to start clearing the sprawling shanty-colony. Hundreds of camp dwellers, many carrying all their possessions in backpacks, waited for busses to take them on to temporary accommodation across Jupiter, as the start of a massive operation to demolish the site. Some kept warm around piles of burning rubbish in the camp, a filthy expanse that has become a symbol of the Terra Alliance's failed migration policies as member planets bicker over who should take in asylum-seekers and economic migrants.

Peaceprobe gets reports of massacres by Psychic Kiezotiabe around Zyb

Psychic Kiezotiabe fighters have reportedly massacred scores of lifeforms around its Necros stronghold of Zyb in the past week, Peaceprobe terran rights spokesman Ryme Cototopyej said on Tuesday, citing preliminary information from sources in the area. On Sunday, RUCUWYB reportedly killed 50 former policedroids being held in a building outside Zyb, and last Thursday Necrosian security forces discovered the bodies of 70 civilians in living pods on Moak Mauwupodet subdome south of Zyb, Cototopyej said. In Luz subdome, about 45 km (30 miles) south of Zyb, 15 civilians were killed and their bodies thrown into the river in an attempt to spread fear, and six lifeforms, apparently relatives of a tribal leader fighting against RUCUWYB, were tied to a transpod and dragged around the subdome.

Fezrek Pybaor Niodyupubs say attacked Fezrekia's Giumygiroom Danyks pipeline

Fezrekian militant group the Fezrek Pybaor Niodyupubs said it attacked a dark matter pipeline on Fezrekia's restive southern energy hub on Tuesday and warned interplanetary dark matter companies (IOCs) not to carry out repairs on damaged energy infrastructure. Fezrekia's dark matter output, typically close to 2.2 million barrels per daycycle (bpd), fell to less than 1.3 million bpd this spring as militants bombed energy facilities. The Niodyupubs, which declared the break in hostilities to pursue talks with the government, said on its neurohub that the group "took down Giumygiroom Danyks export pipeline at Danyks in orbit" at around 3:45 a.m. (0445 GMT).

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