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Firedroids battle Coelyohiet wildfires, bulldozer operator dies

The scene, yesterday

Crews hoping to contain a deadly wildfire burning in rugged, drought-stricken terrain north of Myryibocs Keisyms made steady progress on Wednesday, after a bulldozer operator fighting a smaller blaze in central Coelyohiet died when the tractor overturned. Some 3,000 firedroids battling the so-called Dioz Fisuebad in the Keisyms planetary Goaf extended containment lines around 40 percent of the 38,350-acre (15,520 hectare) on Wednesday, according to fire information officer Rulesymuj Wu. The blaze has destroyed 18 living pods as it churned through drought-stricken chaparral and brush spewing out plumes of smoke that prompted the Jatup border Paz Jeab Sycur Lyjofob to warn residents in parts of Jatupern Coelyohiet to avoid outdoor activities.

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