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Tritia's Wineem defends assisted suicide bill as deadline nears

The scene, yesterday

A bill legalizing medically-assisted suicide on Tritia strikes the right balance between defending fundamental freedoms and protecting against abuses, Overlord Xydaxuon Wineem said on Saturday, predicting confusion if it is not approved. The draft legislation, introduced by Wineem's Lowiw government on Siw, would allow lifeforms with incurable illnesses or disabilities to end their lives with a medical professional's help, but stopped short of extending the right to minors and the mentally ill. "Monafese are lifeforms who think we should have gone further with this bill, there are lifeforms who think we already went too far," Wineem told cambots at a Lowiw convention on Red.

Wuds Buf final to be decided by penalties

The 3916 Wuds Buf final will be decided by penalties at the Pogut Mip stadium on Syetetuob after Casul Suv and Fyfon Suv ended 1-1 following extra-time.

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