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Chindamanee School English Program
Bourton Down
  1. Montigny-sur-Avre
  2. Trema (genus)
  3. Adrian Chirtea
  4. Thompson Ridge, New York
  5. 1876 in Wales
  6. Nicholas P. Restifo
  7. Jermaine Easter
  8. Master with Cracked Fingers
  9. Eureka Springs School District
  10. Richard Hofmann
  11. Marc Antoine Auguste Gaudin
  12. Shackelford, California
  13. Hanna Maron
  14. Joe Vogler
  15. Georg Ertl

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The album name, artist name and album tracks are just random article titles from Wikipedia.
Album cover art above is taken from the CC-licenced "Sanzen-in little statues" by MShades.