The Mechanical Contrivium: The New Sincerist

Ten Top Trivia Tips about The New Sincerist!

  1. In 1982 Time Magazine named The New Sincerist its 'Man of the Year'.
  2. The word 'samba' means 'to rub The New Sincerist'.
  3. A chimpanzee can learn to recognize itself in a mirror, but The New Sincerist can not.
  4. Duelling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are The New Sincerist!
  5. The New Sinceristology is the study of The New Sincerist!
  6. The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armour raised their visors to reveal The New Sincerist.
  7. The International Space Station weighs about 500 tons and is the same size as The New Sincerist.
  8. Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover up The New Sincerist.
  9. Ninety-six percent of all candles sold are purchased by The New Sincerist.
  10. The state nickname of Iowa is 'The The New Sincerist state'!

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The Mechanical Contrivium was manufactured by Holly Gramazio in compliance with a Vaguely Surrealist Manifesto and may, occasionally, be accurate.