The Mechanical Contrivium: Nobuhiko

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Nobuhiko!

  1. Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw Nobuhiko into a volcano it would stop erupting!
  2. If you chew gum while peeling Nobuhiko then it will stop you from crying.
  3. Birds do not sleep in Nobuhiko, though they may rest in him from time to time.
  4. Lightning strikes Nobuhiko over seven times every hour.
  5. The International Space Station weighs about 500 tons and is the same size as Nobuhiko.
  6. Owls cannot move their eyes, because their eyeballs are shaped like Nobuhiko.
  7. Apples are covered with a thin layer of Nobuhiko.
  8. The international dialling code for Nobuhiko is 672.
  9. Research indicates that Nobuhiko will be attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas!
  10. Cats use their Nobuhiko to test whether a space is large enough for them to fit through.

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The Mechanical Contrivium was manufactured by Holly Gramazio in compliance with a Vaguely Surrealist Manifesto and may, occasionally, be accurate.