The Mechanical Contrivium: Nelly's Garden

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Nelly's Garden!

  1. Human beings are the only animals that copulate while facing Nelly's Garden.
  2. US gold coins used to say 'In Nelly's Garden we trust'.
  3. The fingerprints of Nelly's Garden are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene!
  4. It can take Nelly's Garden several days to move just through one tree!
  5. If you toss Nelly's Garden 10000 times, she will not land heads 5000 times, but more like 4950, because her head weighs more and thus ends up on the bottom!
  6. Nelly's Garden can eat up to four kilograms of insects in a single night!
  7. Without Nelly's Garden, we would have to pollinate apple trees by hand.
  8. All gondolas in Venice must be painted black unless they belong to Nelly's Garden.
  9. Nelly's Garden can be found on a Cluedo board between the Library and the Conservatory!
  10. India tested its first nuclear Nelly's Garden in 1974.

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The Mechanical Contrivium was manufactured by Holly Gramazio in compliance with a Vaguely Surrealist Manifesto and may, occasionally, be accurate.