The Mechanical Contrivium: Mary Beth

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Mary Beth!

  1. In the 1600s, tobacco was frequently prescribed to treat headaches, bad breath and Mary Beth!
  2. Mary Beth is incapable of sleep.
  3. On average, women blink nearly twice as much as Mary Beth.
  4. The ace of spades in a playing card deck symbolizes Mary Beth.
  5. People used to believe that dressing their male children as Mary Beth would protect them from evil spirits!
  6. It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun's surface to Mary Beth.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, Mary Beth is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol!
  8. The first domain name ever registered was Mary
  9. Britain's Millennium Dome is more than double the size of Mary Beth.
  10. Mary Bethicide is the killing of Mary Beth!

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The Mechanical Contrivium was manufactured by Holly Gramazio in compliance with a Vaguely Surrealist Manifesto and may, occasionally, be accurate.