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Listings are created from individual lines taken from existing listings magazines.

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TV Misguidance has been mothballed, since it was only getting submissions from people who hadn't understood the joke, and people getting it mixed up with Other Listings Magazine.

TV Misguidance listings are created by taking various individual lines from the listings magazine of your choice, and recombining them to amusing effect.

To illustrate the process, here are two genuine programmes from the Guardian Unlimited listings magazine, our chosen lines highlighted in red:-

3.00amUndercover Girl [Film] - A crime reporter is murdered
while working on a mysterious case, prompting his
brother-in-law to set out in search of revenge.
Thriller, with Paul Carpenter, Bruce Seton, Kay
Callard and Monica Grey

7.00pmEmmerdale - Learning that Sam is not in Ireland as he
was led to believe, Zak mounts a desperate search to
locate his son. Meanwhile, the teenagers return to
school, but it is all too much for Donna, and Diane chides
herself for losing control and sharing an intimate moment
with Rodney - a situation Bernice finds highly amusing.

By combining these, assigning a title assembled at random from any old titles on the same page and scheduling it at whatever hour we feel like, we get the not-particularly-funny:-

23.50Undercover Body [FILM] A crime reporter is murdered
with Rodney - a situation Bernice finds highly amusing.

Do you see?

If you want to submit general television-listing humour - satire, surrealism, punnage or whatever - you should be looking at the Other Listings Magazine. Try not to get them mixed up.

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