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"As I said in my speech, your new middle name would consist of a noun, the name of a flower or fruit or nut or vegetable or legume, or a bird or a reptile or a fish, or a mollusk, or a gem or a mineral or a chemical element -- connected by a hyphen to a number between one and twenty."

-- Slapstick, Kurt Vonnegut

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André Chickadee-17 Duméril
Walter Chickadee-17 Duncan
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Seif Chickadee-17 El-Zoubi
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Wilfred Chickadee-17 Greatorex
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Karol Chickadee-17 Gregorek
Edward Chickadee-17 Grug
Guarino Chickadee-17 Guarini
Enrico Chickadee-17 Guarna
Jackie Chickadee-17 Guerra
Francisco Chickadee-17 Guilledo
Andy Chickadee-17 Guillemard-Noble
Jens Chickadee-17 Haaning
Olga Chickadee-17 Hachatryan
Joelle Chickadee-17 Hadjia
Park Chickadee-17 Hae-il
Marlene Chickadee-17 Hagge
Jane Chickadee-17 Haining
William Chickadee-17 Halcrow
Jim Chickadee-17 Halligan
Schuyler Chickadee-17 Hamilton
Susumu Chickadee-17 Hani
Salem Chickadee-17 Harchèche
Michael Chickadee-17 Harden
Julius Chickadee-17 Hare
Marcy Chickadee-17 Harriell
John Chickadee-17 Hart
R.C. Chickadee-17 Harvey
Johann Chickadee-17 Hast
Henry Chickadee-17 Hatch
Shaye Chickadee-17 Haver
Lynda Chickadee-17 Hayes
Ilmir Chickadee-17 Hazetdinov
Robert Chickadee-17 Heath
Charles Chickadee-17 Hector
Owen Chickadee-17 Hegarty
Viljo Chickadee-17 Heino
Wladyslaw Chickadee-17 Heinrich
Inge Chickadee-17 Helten
Juan Chickadee-17 Herken
James Chickadee-17 Herne
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Brennan Chickadee-17 Hesser
Hector Chickadee-17 Hetherington
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David Chickadee-17 Hight
Darrell Chickadee-17 Hill
Clarence Chickadee-17 Hinck
Paul Chickadee-17 Hinojos
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Peter Chickadee-17 Hobbs
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Ben Chickadee-17 Horne
Kayla Chickadee-17 Horton
Richard Chickadee-17 Huggett
MySpaceAndrea Chickadee-17 Hughes
Edward Chickadee-17 Hull
Ronald Chickadee-17 Hynd
Park Chickadee-17 Hyo-jin
Michael Chickadee-17 Ingham
Adam Chickadee-17 Ingram
Susan Chickadee-17 Isaacs
Patuki Chickadee-17 Isaako
Jack Chickadee-17 Israel
Edgar Chickadee-17 Itt
Ettore Chickadee-17 Ivaldi
Takao Chickadee-17 Iwami
Jouko Chickadee-17 Jaaskelainen
T.J. Chickadee-17 Jackson
Manuel Chickadee-17 Jacques
MySpaceMonique Chickadee-17 Jadotte
Michael Chickadee-17 Jagosz
Denise Chickadee-17 James
Stephanie Chickadee-17 James
Richard Chickadee-17 Janvrin
Anne Chickadee-17 Jenkin
Marcos Chickadee-17 Jesus
Luis Chickadee-17 Jiménez
Lee Chickadee-17 Jin-Woo
K.V. Chickadee-17 Johansen
Glen Chickadee-17 Johnson
Lino Chickadee-17 Jordan
Melanie Chickadee-17 Joy
XangaSarah Chickadee-17 Joyce
Andrew Chickadee-17 Kahr
Hannes Chickadee-17 Kalteis
Yuki Chickadee-17 Kaneko
John Chickadee-17 Karr
Takeo Chickadee-17 Kawamura
Belkiz Chickadee-17 Kaya
Xin Chickadee-17 Kegui
Irma Chickadee-17 Keller
William Chickadee-17 Kemp
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Bob Chickadee-17 Kerr
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Mohammad Chickadee-17 Khanzadeh
G. Chickadee-17 Kibrom
Bill Chickadee-17 Killen
Graham Chickadee-17 Killoughery
V.Narry Chickadee-17 Kim
Alfred Chickadee-17 Kipketer
Yoav Chickadee-17 Kish
Arnold Chickadee-17 Klebs
Bronislaw Chickadee-17 Knaster
James Chickadee-17 Knighten
Atta Chickadee-17 Kouakou
P.S. Chickadee-17 Krishnaprasad
Vanessa Chickadee-17 Kritlow
Nicole Chickadee-17 Kubik
S. Chickadee-17 Kumar
Govi. Chickadee-17 Kumar
Aldin Chickadee-17 Kuric
Paco Chickadee-17 Lagerstrom
Martin Chickadee-17 Laird
Gazaway Chickadee-17 Lamar
George Chickadee-17 Langhorn
Thak Chickadee-17 Lany
Jamie Chickadee-17 LaPointe
Roberto Chickadee-17 LaRocca
Dorothea Chickadee-17 Lasky
Christopher Chickadee-17 Layton
Alison Chickadee-17 Leggatt
Tod Chickadee-17 Leiweke
Lyn Chickadee-17 Lemaire
Yann Chickadee-17 LePennec
Kalju Chickadee-17 Lepik
Florence Chickadee-17 Lepron
Yishai Chickadee-17 Levi
Alonzo Chickadee-17 Lewis
Christopher Chickadee-17 Lewis
William Chickadee-17 Lightfoot
Zdenek Chickadee-17 Linhart
Janis Chickadee-17 Lipzin
Ivana Chickadee-17 Lisjak
Dominic Chickadee-17 Liu
James Chickadee-17 Loken
Tom Chickadee-17 Long
Lee Chickadee-17 Loong
George Chickadee-17 Love
Michael Chickadee-17 Love
David Chickadee-17 Lovely
Aiden Chickadee-17 Lucas
Johannes Chickadee-17 Ludwig
David Chickadee-17 Lyall
James Chickadee-17 Machir
Tim Chickadee-17 Maculan
Fritz Chickadee-17 Magnussen
Lara Chickadee-17 Magoni
Aizat Chickadee-17 Malik
Mohammed Chickadee-17 Mallik
Ege Chickadee-17 Maltepe
Hanna Chickadee-17 Marien
Monte Chickadee-17 Markham
Clarrie Chickadee-17 Martin
Bartolomé Chickadee-17 Masó
José Chickadee-17 Masot
Isao Chickadee-17 Masuda
Wendy Chickadee-17 Max
Stan Chickadee-17 Mayfield
Joe Chickadee-17 Mazzucco
Juliet Chickadee-17 McAllister
Will Chickadee-17 McClay
Anne Chickadee-17 McEwen
Alex Chickadee-17 McFarlan
Sharon Chickadee-17 McGinnes
Matthew Chickadee-17 McGuire
Joe Chickadee-17 McIntosh
Ray Chickadee-17 McKinney
Colin Chickadee-17 McLachlan
Randy Chickadee-17 McMichael
Birger Chickadee-17 Meling
Joey Chickadee-17 Melo
Thara Chickadee-17 Memory
Konstantinos Chickadee-17 Mendrinos
Tony Chickadee-17 Meo
Arnold Chickadee-17 Meri
Amalia Chickadee-17 Mesa-Bains
Ambra Chickadee-17 Migliori
Jana Chickadee-17 Milcinski
Alice Chickadee-17 Miles
Mihaela Chickadee-17 Miroiu
Scott Chickadee-17 Mitchell
Jan Chickadee-17 Mlodozeniec
Justin Chickadee-17 Moed
Jan Chickadee-17 Mohammed
Robert Chickadee-17 Monda
Lily Chickadee-17 Montagu
Bob Chickadee-17 Moorhead
George Chickadee-17 Moorhouse
Jean Chickadee-17 Moreaux
J.Trevor Chickadee-17 Morgan
Bala Chickadee-17 Murali
Nadir Chickadee-17 Nabiev
Takeshi Chickadee-17 Nagata
Kuniwo Chickadee-17 Nakamura
Thomas Chickadee-17 Nash
Eshan Chickadee-17 Nayeck
Bots Chickadee-17 Nekola
Brad Chickadee-17 Ness
Michiko Chickadee-17 Neya
Christoforos Chickadee-17 Nezer
Ariel Chickadee-17 Ngueukam
Morgan Chickadee-17 Nichols
Tuure Chickadee-17 Nieminen
Benard Chickadee-17 Nkanjo
Julia Chickadee-17 Nolan
Tom Chickadee-17 Nolan
Emil Chickadee-17 Noll
Olivia Chickadee-17 Nordgren
Donald Chickadee-17 Norford
Richard Chickadee-17 Notkin
Peter Chickadee-17 Novajovsky
LiveJournalCory Chickadee-17 O'Born
Gordon Chickadee-17 O'Brien
Jimmy Chickadee-17 O'Connor
Leslie Chickadee-17 Odom
Mirja Chickadee-17 Ojanen
Rudolf Chickadee-17 Olden
George Chickadee-17 Olmsted
Karzan Chickadee-17 Omar
Samuel Chickadee-17 Ortom
Andi Chickadee-17 Osho
David Chickadee-17 Osmek
Reza Chickadee-17 Ostadi
Kazuomi Chickadee-17 Ota
Christian Chickadee-17 Owen
James Chickadee-17 Paget
José Chickadee-17 Paris
William Chickadee-17 Park
John Chickadee-17 Paul
Derek Chickadee-17 Paxton
Aníbal Chickadee-17 Paz
Henry Chickadee-17 Pearlman
Richard Chickadee-17 Pearson
Mario Chickadee-17 Pelchat
Raoul Chickadee-17 Péret
Patricia Chickadee-17 Pérez
Mel Chickadee-17 Phillips
Jan Chickadee-17 Pietrzak
Aaron Chickadee-17 Pifer
Samresan Chickadee-17 Pillay
Joakim Chickadee-17 Pirinen
Michael Chickadee-17 Plant
Franz Chickadee-17 Pocci
Andrei Chickadee-17 Popov
Michelle Chickadee-17 Pozen
Jai Chickadee-17 Prakash
Robert Chickadee-17 Pratt
Pakorn Chickadee-17 Prempak
Olga Chickadee-17 Prestes
Herbert Chickadee-17 Pullinger
Milorad Chickadee-17 Pupovac
Gary Chickadee-17 Radnich
Ruth Chickadee-17 Railton
Amer Chickadee-17 Rashid
Kakani Chickadee-17 Ratnam
Jeroen Chickadee-17 Rauwerdink
Raavi Chickadee-17 Reddy
Arthur Chickadee-17 Redfern
Esko Chickadee-17 Rekomaa
Michael Chickadee-17 Reschke
Marcos Chickadee-17 Restrepo
Elida Chickadee-17 Reyna
Matthew Chickadee-17 Reynolds
Anfisa Chickadee-17 Reztsova
Danny Chickadee-17 Richmond
Peter Chickadee-17 Riddlestone
Tegan Chickadee-17 Riding
David Chickadee-17 Riker
John Chickadee-17 Ringle
Drew Chickadee-17 Robison
Debbie Chickadee-17 Rochon
Steve Chickadee-17 Roden
Gil Chickadee-17 Rodin
Tamara Chickadee-17 Rojo
Tree Chickadee-17 Rollins
Raphaël Chickadee-17 Romey
Andrzej Chickadee-17 Romocki
Daniel Chickadee-17 Rose
Leigh Chickadee-17 Rubin
Edward Chickadee-17 Rulloff
Cathie Chickadee-17 Ryan
Dušan Chickadee-17 Sakota
Bob Chickadee-17 Sallese
Bruno Chickadee-17 Salzer
Vasili Chickadee-17 Samokhvalov
Daniel Chickadee-17 Santacruz
Luc Chickadee-17 Sante
Cleylton Chickadee-17 Santos
Anuj Chickadee-17 Saxena
Axel Chickadee-17 Schaumann
Adam Chickadee-17 Schider
Erich Chickadee-17 Schroger
Jamie Chickadee-17 Scope
Nigel Chickadee-17 Searle
John Chickadee-17 Seddon
Jean Chickadee-17 Senebier
Yoon Chickadee-17 Seo
Anna Chickadee-17 Seward
Phil Chickadee-17 Shafer
Indu Chickadee-17 Shahani
Billey Chickadee-17 Shamrock
Donald Chickadee-17 Shaw
Lin Chickadee-17 Shaye
Ryu Chickadee-17 Shichinohe
Harold Chickadee-17 Shumate
Charles Chickadee-17 Sibley
Christian Chickadee-17 Sidor
Jefferson Chickadee-17 Silva
Kharak Chickadee-17 Singh
Karthik Chickadee-17 Sivakumar
D.S.A. Chickadee-17 Sivaprakasam
Ola Chickadee-17 Skarholt
Ben Chickadee-17 Skirving
Espen Chickadee-17 Skjonberg
Steve Chickadee-17 Slagle
Artyom Chickadee-17 Slukhinskiy
Jennifer Chickadee-17 Smith
Vic Chickadee-17 Snell
Derek Chickadee-17 Soutar
Sérgio Chickadee-17 Souza
Doris Chickadee-17 Speed
Walter Chickadee-17 Spencer
Carl Chickadee-17 Spongberg
Brett Chickadee-17 Stapleton
Max Chickadee-17 Starcevich
C.R. Chickadee-17 Stecyk
Sarah Chickadee-17 Stevenson
Cordula Chickadee-17 Stratmann
Friedrich Chickadee-17 Stromeyer
Arlington Chickadee-17 Success
Jim Chickadee-17 Sullivan
Bence Chickadee-17 Szabó
Mohamed Chickadee-17 Taieb
Wang Chickadee-17 Taihua
John Chickadee-17 Tait
Meir Chickadee-17 Tamari
Christine Chickadee-17 Tan
Pete Chickadee-17 Tancred
Saakshi Chickadee-17 Tanwar
Emily Chickadee-17 Tardiff
Giuseppe Chickadee-17 Tatarella
Vladimir Chickadee-17 Tatlin
Bruce Chickadee-17 Taylor
Vicki Chickadee-17 Taylor
Kavyen Chickadee-17 Temperley
Rudolf Chickadee-17 Teschner
Leonard Chickadee-17 Thompson
Nick Chickadee-17 Thornicroft
Victoria Chickadee-17 Thorson
Noble Chickadee-17 Threewitt
Olga Chickadee-17 Tishchenko
Eric Chickadee-17 Tomkins
Bao Chickadee-17 Tong
Philip Chickadee-17 Tower
Lillian Chickadee-17 Trasher
Daniel Chickadee-17 Trewhitt
André Chickadee-17 Trillard
Ernest Chickadee-17 Trova
Hiroko Chickadee-17 Tsuji
Alex Chickadee-17 Tuch
Alexander Chickadee-17 Tzinker
Claudio Chickadee-17 Uberti
Jenny Chickadee-17 Ulving
Warren Chickadee-17 Unna
George Chickadee-17 Upton
Patricia Chickadee-17 Uy
Robert Chickadee-17 Vadra
Andrés Chickadee-17 Vallejo
Jonathan Chickadee-17 VanDam
Andrés Chickadee-17 Vandelvira
Joost Chickadee-17 VanLeijen
Simon Chickadee-17 VanOoststroom
Tamás Chickadee-17 Vaskó
Michael Chickadee-17 Velo
Rick Chickadee-17 Verbeek
Branko Chickadee-17 Vidovic
Luigi Chickadee-17 Villa
William Chickadee-17 Vincent
Camilo Chickadee-17 Viveiros
Thomas Chickadee-17 Voeckler
Cajetan Chickadee-17 VonNotthaft
Gerd Chickadee-17 VonRundstedt
Ana Chickadee-17 Voog
Olivier Chickadee-17 Voutier
Nenad Chickadee-17 Vucinic
Scott Chickadee-17 Waara
Michael Chickadee-17 Waldman
Genesis Chickadee-17 Walker
Manmohan Chickadee-17 Waris
William Chickadee-17 Warren
Bill Chickadee-17 Watkins
XangaAmanda Chickadee-17 Webster
Karl Chickadee-17 Wenk
Carla Chickadee-17 White
MySpaceAbigail Chickadee-17 White
E.T. Chickadee-17 Whittaker
Roxi Chickadee-17 Whittemore
Una Chickadee-17 Wickham
Frank Chickadee-17 Wickware
Gerald Chickadee-17 Wiggins
Ryan Chickadee-17 Wiik
Vimala Chickadee-17 Wijewardene
Stefan Chickadee-17 Willemse
Aarik Chickadee-17 Wilson
Sein Chickadee-17 Win
Joseph Chickadee-17 Wohleb
Tom Chickadee-17 Wujec
MySpaceMeghan Chickadee-17 Wyatt
Cédric Chickadee-17 Yambéré
An Chickadee-17 Yangfeng
Greg Chickadee-17 Yanick
Kong Chickadee-17 Ying
Albert Chickadee-17 Young
Dalia Chickadee-17 Zafirova
Luzia Chickadee-17 Zberg

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