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Ayun Raspberry-14 Halliday
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"As I said in my speech, your new middle name would consist of a noun, the name of a flower or fruit or nut or vegetable or legume, or a bird or a reptile or a fish, or a mollusk, or a gem or a mineral or a chemical element -- connected by a hyphen to a number between one and twenty."

-- Slapstick, Kurt Vonnegut

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Eduardo Raspberry-14 Crespo
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William Raspberry-14 Crozier
Riccardo Raspberry-14 Cucciolla
Pat Raspberry-14 Cuff
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Sarahminda Raspberry-14 Czajka
Peter Raspberry-14 Czupryna
Natasha Raspberry-14 D'Schommer
Lanre Raspberry-14 Dabiri
Ivan Raspberry-14 Dadic
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Jules Raspberry-14 DeCuverville
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François-Louis Raspberry-14 DeLauberivičre
Guglielmo Raspberry-14 DelBimbo
Vic Raspberry-14 Delmore
Genevičve Raspberry-14 DeMaulette
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Matthew Raspberry-14 Denver
Johnny Raspberry-14 Depp
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Mara Raspberry-14 Dilley
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Marc Raspberry-14 Dolez
Bayle Raspberry-14 Domon
John Raspberry-14 Dossett
Christopher Raspberry-14 Droney
Roscoe Raspberry-14 Drummond
Sean Raspberry-14 Duffy
Nino Raspberry-14 Durden
Dakota Raspberry-14 Earnest
Pierre-Yves Raspberry-14 Eberle
Frank Raspberry-14 Eddolls
Heinie Raspberry-14 Elder
Ross Raspberry-14 Elliott
Tod Raspberry-14 Ensign
Thomas Raspberry-14 Erickson
Thomas Raspberry-14 Estcourt
Hugh Raspberry-14 Evans
Joyce Raspberry-14 Evans
Anatoli Raspberry-14 Evdokimov
Peter Raspberry-14 Eyre
James Raspberry-14 Featherstone
John Raspberry-14 Fergusson
Bill Raspberry-14 Ferrar
Zsuzsa Raspberry-14 Fey
Michael Raspberry-14 Fielding
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Pliny Raspberry-14 Fisk
Augustine Raspberry-14 FitzGerald
Frank Raspberry-14 Fitzsimmons
Georg Raspberry-14 Fleps
April Raspberry-14 Flojo
Michael Raspberry-14 Flowers
Lee Raspberry-14 Fohl
Timothy Raspberry-14 Fok
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Alex Raspberry-14 Forrest
Matt Raspberry-14 Forster
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Charles Raspberry-14 Fox
George Raspberry-14 Fox-Selwyn
Larry Raspberry-14 Frank
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Seán Raspberry-14 French
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Laura Raspberry-14 Graham
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Mendel Raspberry-14 Grossman
Poppy Raspberry-14 Groves
Mark Raspberry-14 Gruenwald
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Jacques Raspberry-14 Guérin
Amandine Raspberry-14 Guérin
Michael Raspberry-14 Gulezian
Henry Raspberry-14 Gullett
Yücel Raspberry-14 Gundogdu
Anil Raspberry-14 Gupta
Jack Raspberry-14 Hacking
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Bára Raspberry-14 Halldórsdóttir
Ayun Raspberry-14 Halliday
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Graham Raspberry-14 Hamer
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Johann Raspberry-14 Hantzsch
Rob Raspberry-14 Harper
Jed Raspberry-14 Harper-Penman
Charles Raspberry-14 Hartshorne
Mohd Raspberry-14 Harun
F.W. Raspberry-14 Harvey
Maurice Raspberry-14 Harvey
Greg Raspberry-14 Hay
Louis Raspberry-14 Hazeltine
Edward Raspberry-14 Heath
Mikko Raspberry-14 Heikka
Elisa Raspberry-14 Heinsohn
Benjamin Raspberry-14 Henry
Paula Raspberry-14 Heredia
Jose Raspberry-14 Hernandez
Anson Raspberry-14 Herrick
Holly Raspberry-14 Hicks
Julie Raspberry-14 Higginson
Dick Raspberry-14 Hillis
Melissa Raspberry-14 Hills
Alfred Raspberry-14 Hindmarsh
Arthur Raspberry-14 Hinman
John Raspberry-14 Hitchmough
Chaim Raspberry-14 Hodakov
Nathan Raspberry-14 Hodel
Gregor Raspberry-14 Hogler
Mike Raspberry-14 Hollands
Rachel Raspberry-14 Hollis
Martha Raspberry-14 Holmes
Wilhelm Raspberry-14 Holzhausen
Esmir Raspberry-14 Hoogendoorn
Edward Raspberry-14 Hooker
Heinrich Raspberry-14 Hornemann
Chisato Raspberry-14 Hoshi
Joan Raspberry-14 Houlihan
Wade Raspberry-14 Houston
Youssef Raspberry-14 Howayek
Gusti Raspberry-14 Huber
Mark Raspberry-14 Hudis
Sandra Raspberry-14 Huggett
Everett Raspberry-14 Hughes
Linda Raspberry-14 Hunt
John Raspberry-14 Huntley
Percy Raspberry-14 Hurd
Thomas Raspberry-14 Hussey
Thérčse-Adčle Raspberry-14 Husson
George Raspberry-14 Hutchinson
Keita Raspberry-14 Iijima
Hideo Raspberry-14 Iijima
John Raspberry-14 Ikojo
Jeffrey Raspberry-14 Immelt
Larry Raspberry-14 Inman
Miki Raspberry-14 Inoue
Bozhidar Raspberry-14 Iskrenov
Libby Raspberry-14 Issendorf
Suzanne Raspberry-14 Jacob
Maude Raspberry-14 Jacques
Sarah Raspberry-14 Jacques
Choi Raspberry-14 Jae-Soo
Lee Raspberry-14 Jasper
Nathan Raspberry-14 Jawai
Francisco Raspberry-14 Jémez
Clyde Raspberry-14 Jennings
Carl Raspberry-14 Jensen
Bob Raspberry-14 Johnston
Neil Raspberry-14 Jones
Odell Raspberry-14 Jones
Anker Raspberry-14 Jorgensen
Mihir Raspberry-14 Joshi
Uday Raspberry-14 Joshi
John Raspberry-14 Joule
Blažo Raspberry-14 Jovanovic
Jose Raspberry-14 Justicia
Shintaro Raspberry-14 Kai
Walter Raspberry-14 Kaiser
Vitali Raspberry-14 Kalenkovich
Friedrich Raspberry-14 Kambartel
Chennaveera Raspberry-14 Kanavi
Nataša Raspberry-14 Kandic
Guo Raspberry-14 Kang
Rade Raspberry-14 Karanfilovski
Saide Raspberry-14 Kardar
Valery Raspberry-14 Kargin
John Raspberry-14 Karlin
Detlef Raspberry-14 Kastner
Jagannath Raspberry-14 Kaushal
Martin Raspberry-14 Keane
Kevin Raspberry-14 Keatings
Hubert Raspberry-14 Kennedy
Joseph Raspberry-14 Keppler
Tang Raspberry-14 Kerong
Ravil Raspberry-14 Khabutdinov
Georgy Raspberry-14 Khizha
William Raspberry-14 Kidston
Evan Raspberry-14 Kim
Ryusui Raspberry-14 Kin
Parker Raspberry-14 Kligerman
Andrew Raspberry-14 Klimas
Jim Raspberry-14 Klobuchar
Miroslav Raspberry-14 Kluc
Joseph Raspberry-14 Knabl
Steve Raspberry-14 Knapp
Dario Raspberry-14 Knezevic
Sirona Raspberry-14 Knight
Zak Raspberry-14 Knutson
Boris Raspberry-14 Kochkin
Irena Raspberry-14 Kocí
Boris Raspberry-14 Kolokolov
Salomon Raspberry-14 Konijn
Torbjörn Raspberry-14 Kornbakk
Efthimios Raspberry-14 Kouloucheris
Natalia Raspberry-14 Koziol
Vladimir Raspberry-14 Kramnik
David Raspberry-14 Kreiner
Connie Raspberry-14 Kreski
Henrik Raspberry-14 Kreuger
Erwin Raspberry-14 Kreyszig
Mare Raspberry-14 Kroliczak
Joyce Raspberry-14 Kulhawik
Oleksiy Raspberry-14 Kurilov
Kurt Raspberry-14 Kuykendall
Reidar Raspberry-14 Kvaal
Joy Raspberry-14 Kwesiga
Diane Raspberry-14 Lacombe
Deb Raspberry-14 Lacusta
Ronald Raspberry-14 Lagden
Benyamin Raspberry-14 Lam
Wilma Raspberry-14 Landkroon
Ádám Raspberry-14 Lang
Melvin Raspberry-14 Lastie
Iman Raspberry-14 Lau
Chris Raspberry-14 Lawn
Matthew Raspberry-14 Lawrence
Inez Raspberry-14 Layne
Alfred Raspberry-14 Leete
John Raspberry-14 Lefelhocz
Vic Raspberry-14 Legley
Kenny Raspberry-14 Leon
Ottavio Raspberry-14 Leoni
Francis Raspberry-14 Leray
Adam Raspberry-14 Lerner
Dennis Raspberry-14 Levine
Max Raspberry-14 Levine
Roland Raspberry-14 Liboton
Danny Raspberry-14 Liedka
Qian Raspberry-14 Lin
Charles Raspberry-14 Lindgren
Paul Raspberry-14 Lines
Tommy Raspberry-14 Linnane
John Raspberry-14 Livingston
Josef Raspberry-14 Lokvenc
Vyacheslav Raspberry-14 Lotoryov
Miles Raspberry-14 Lowe
Miguel Raspberry-14 Lugo
Viivi Raspberry-14 Luik
Tom Raspberry-14 Lukiwski
John Raspberry-14 Luscombe
Pablo Raspberry-14 Luz
Bárbara Raspberry-14 Luz
Kevin Raspberry-14 Lynch
Cecilia Raspberry-14 MacDonald
Jamie Raspberry-14 MacLean
Jeff Raspberry-14 Maddux
Scotti Raspberry-14 Madison
Eugčne Raspberry-14 Mage
Neven Raspberry-14 Maguire
Matthew Raspberry-14 Mahoney
Marian Raspberry-14 Maloney
Edna Raspberry-14 Manley
Liu Raspberry-14 Mao'en
Luciano Raspberry-14 Marangon
Herman Raspberry-14 March
OJ Raspberry-14 Mariano
Henryk Raspberry-14 Markiewicz
José Raspberry-14 Marquez
Sergio Raspberry-14 Martini
Ashley Raspberry-14 Marzec
Pablo Raspberry-14 Mason
Alex Raspberry-14 Massie
Wilf Raspberry-14 Mayer
Nuvia Raspberry-14 Mayorga
Darren Raspberry-14 McCarthy
John Raspberry-14 McCorkill
Jessica Raspberry-14 McDonald
Jim Raspberry-14 McDougall
Patricia Raspberry-14 McKenna
Rocky Raspberry-14 McKenzie
Andrew Raspberry-14 McMaster
Mario Raspberry-14 Medina
Slava Raspberry-14 Medvedenko
Fielding Raspberry-14 Meek
Kavignar Raspberry-14 Meenavan
Terry Raspberry-14 Melcher
Arsen Raspberry-14 Melikyan
Miguel Raspberry-14 Mendez
Shamayln Raspberry-14 Merit
Sam Raspberry-14 Messam
Fred Raspberry-14 Meyer
Jonathan Raspberry-14 Meyers
Denzil Raspberry-14 Meyrick
Norton Raspberry-14 Mezvinsky
Alain Raspberry-14 Michel
John Raspberry-14 Mičge
Yordan Raspberry-14 Miliev
Harvey Raspberry-14 Milk
Joe Raspberry-14 Miller
Maja Raspberry-14 Milos
Kuzma Raspberry-14 Minin
Iván Raspberry-14 Miranda
Cyril Raspberry-14 Montana
Sara Raspberry-14 Montgomery
Michael Raspberry-14 Moody
Laurence Raspberry-14 Moor
Susanna Raspberry-14 Moore
Maria Raspberry-14 Morales
Naoko Raspberry-14 Mori
Roger Raspberry-14 Morrice
Philly Raspberry-14 Morris
Rotunda Raspberry-14 Motel
Joseph Raspberry-14 Munden
James Raspberry-14 Murdoch
Joe Raspberry-14 Murdoch
Etta Raspberry-14 Murfitt
Johne Raspberry-14 Murphy
Róbert Raspberry-14 Nagy
Rosie Raspberry-14 Napravnik
David Raspberry-14 Narey
Brendon Raspberry-14 Nasser
Sana Raspberry-14 Nawaz
Norman Raspberry-14 Neasom
Paul Raspberry-14 Needham
Melvin Raspberry-14 Newbern
Richard Raspberry-14 Newby
Rick Raspberry-14 Newell
Joshua Raspberry-14 Newman
Helga Raspberry-14 Newmark
Byron Raspberry-14 Newton
Joshua Raspberry-14 Newville
Shebly Raspberry-14 Niavarani
Yosuke Raspberry-14 Nishijima
Mio Raspberry-14 Nishimaki
Ryo Raspberry-14 Noda
Minoru Raspberry-14 Nojima
Michiko Raspberry-14 Nomura
Kenneth Raspberry-14 Nordtvedt
Anna Raspberry-14 Norman
Scott Raspberry-14 Norwood
Gail Raspberry-14 O'Grady
Arnold Raspberry-14 Odermatt
Juro Raspberry-14 Oka
Roy Raspberry-14 Olsen
Lawrence Raspberry-14 Olum
Pat Raspberry-14 Onstad
Geoffrey Raspberry-14 Orme
Alec Raspberry-14 Ormiston
Ferenc Raspberry-14 Ottinger
Vlastimil Raspberry-14 Ouredník
Eric Raspberry-14 Overmyer
Joel Raspberry-14 Overton
José Raspberry-14 Oviedo
Victoria Raspberry-14 Owen
Jay Raspberry-14 Owenhouse
Anna Raspberry-14 Oxa
Atacan Raspberry-14 Ozturk
Bas Raspberry-14 Paauwe
Ever Raspberry-14 Palacios
Gergely Raspberry-14 Palágyi
Kenny Raspberry-14 Pallraj
Christos Raspberry-14 Papadimitriou
Claude Raspberry-14 Parent
Rob Raspberry-14 Parker
Kathleen Raspberry-14 Parlow
Grigor Raspberry-14 Paron-Ter
Tony Raspberry-14 Parr
Enoch Raspberry-14 Parrott
Hardy Raspberry-14 Parsons
Vicent Raspberry-14 Partal
Saffet Raspberry-14 Pasha
Stefan Raspberry-14 Pastuszewski
János Raspberry-14 Patály
Henri Raspberry-14 Patin
Joe Raspberry-14 Patrick
Emily Raspberry-14 Patterson
Melissa Raspberry-14 Paull
Morris Raspberry-14 Pell
Joseph Raspberry-14 Peller
Erick Raspberry-14 Perala
Francisco Raspberry-14 Pereira
Yavor Raspberry-14 Peshleevski
Bart Raspberry-14 Peterson
Mitch Raspberry-14 Petrus
Mariana Raspberry-14 Pfaelzer
Thomas Raspberry-14 Pigaga
Chris Raspberry-14 Pinnick
Homer Raspberry-14 Pithawalla
Valentin Raspberry-14 Pluchek
Gabriela Raspberry-14 Polanska
Kate Raspberry-14 Polin
David Raspberry-14 Pollock
Michael Raspberry-14 Ponti
Roger Raspberry-14 Poole
Ned Raspberry-14 Power
Romualdas Raspberry-14 Pozerskis
Rudi Raspberry-14 Prinsloo
Oleksiy Raspberry-14 Pryhorov
Bi Raspberry-14 Pu
Martin Raspberry-14 Pugh
Alban Raspberry-14 Purcell
Georgia Raspberry-14 Purdom
Johann Raspberry-14 Quantz
Amy Raspberry-14 Rachels
A. Raspberry-14 Rafiq
Stefanie Raspberry-14 Ramella
Isabel Raspberry-14 Ramírez
Sam Raspberry-14 Ramsbottom
Dominic Raspberry-14 Randolph
Elsa Raspberry-14 Rantalainen
Tapi Raspberry-14 Rao
Sudeepa Raspberry-14 Raparthi
Marko Raspberry-14 Raso
Sanjay Raspberry-14 Raul
Clifford Raspberry-14 Reed
Erinn Raspberry-14 Reimann
María Raspberry-14 Ricart
Harrison Raspberry-14 Ridley
Terence Raspberry-14 Riley
Wagner Raspberry-14 Rivera
Scott Raspberry-14 Robertson
Richard Raspberry-14 Robertson
Marcel Raspberry-14 Roche
Herbert Raspberry-14 Romeril
Mark Raspberry-14 Roopenian
Rajesh Raspberry-14 Roshan
Sophia Raspberry-14 Rosoff
Jack Raspberry-14 Ross
Anthony Raspberry-14 Rossi
Marita Raspberry-14 Rostad
Constance Raspberry-14 Rousseau
Jack Raspberry-14 Rowan
Barton Raspberry-14 Rubenstein
Eduardo Raspberry-14 Rubio
Gergely Raspberry-14 Rudolf
Karl Raspberry-14 Rundberg
Anja Raspberry-14 Rupel
Holly Raspberry-14 Russell
Marius Raspberry-14 Rusu
Douglas Raspberry-14 Rutherford
Keith Raspberry-14 Ryan
Aleksei Raspberry-14 Rybin
Stanley Raspberry-14 Ryerson
Marcin Raspberry-14 Rygiel
Katerina Raspberry-14 Safránková
Robin Raspberry-14 Saikia
Takao Raspberry-14 Saito
Mohamed Raspberry-14 Saleh
Germán Raspberry-14 Sánchez
Curtis Raspberry-14 Sanford
William Raspberry-14 Sansom
Angel Raspberry-14 Sarrapio
Félix Raspberry-14 Sarriugarte
Ulrike Raspberry-14 Sarvari
Elena Raspberry-14 Schermerhorn
James Raspberry-14 Schmidt
Elisabeth Raspberry-14 Seitz
Ben Raspberry-14 Selling
Alberto Raspberry-14 Selva
Chris Raspberry-14 Senn
Susan Raspberry-14 Sexton
Amangeldy Raspberry-14 Shabdarbayev
Ali Raspberry-14 Sharmarke
Al Raspberry-14 Shearer
Aaron Raspberry-14 Shingler
THIS Raspberry-14 SHITE
Andreas Raspberry-14 Silbermann
Delmo Raspberry-14 Silva
Darío Raspberry-14 Silva
Jesús Raspberry-14 Silvestre
Franklin Raspberry-14 Simon
Gene Raspberry-14 Siskel
Stian Raspberry-14 Sivertzen
Tamar Raspberry-14 Slay
Steve Raspberry-14 Slayton
Sasha Raspberry-14 Smith
Jane Raspberry-14 Smith
Emma Raspberry-14 Smith
Ragan Raspberry-14 Smith
James Raspberry-14 Snuka
Didiayer Raspberry-14 Snyder
Barbara Raspberry-14 Solomon
Pete Raspberry-14 Sorenson
David Raspberry-14 Sosnowski
Jack Raspberry-14 Sparrow
Tommy Raspberry-14 Spaulding
William Raspberry-14 Spenser
Simona Raspberry-14 Spiridon
Esther Raspberry-14 Stam
Brian Raspberry-14 Stein
Danny Raspberry-14 Stevens
Walter Raspberry-14 Storp
Neal Raspberry-14 Storter
Velcho Raspberry-14 Stoyanov
Anna Raspberry-14 Strezynska
Sheila Raspberry-14 Stroup
William Raspberry-14 Stubblefield
Robert Raspberry-14 Sturua
Gary Raspberry-14 Summerhays
Vicky Raspberry-14 Sunohara
Moreno Raspberry-14 Suprapto
Arthur Raspberry-14 Symonds
Gabriella Raspberry-14 Szucs
Sandu Raspberry-14 Tabarca
Ákos Raspberry-14 Takács
Kazumichi Raspberry-14 Takagi
Nanako Raspberry-14 Takushi
Matthew Raspberry-14 Talbot
Szabina Raspberry-14 Tálosi
Yuliya Raspberry-14 Tarasova
Tamar Raspberry-14 Tavadze
Rosanna Raspberry-14 Tavarez
Richard Raspberry-14 Tenguerian
Lepa Raspberry-14 Thaba
Bernard Raspberry-14 Thévenet
Daniël Raspberry-14 Theys
Brad Raspberry-14 Thomas
Nico Raspberry-14 Thomaschewski
Sandy Raspberry-14 Thompson
Marc Raspberry-14 Thompson
Madeleine Raspberry-14 Thompson
Chris Raspberry-14 Thompson
Percy Raspberry-14 Thomson
Sam Raspberry-14 Tillen
Jason Raspberry-14 Tobin
Hanne Raspberry-14 Tomta
Bill Raspberry-14 Torrance
Joan Raspberry-14 Tozzer
Dzung Raspberry-14 Tran
Kel Raspberry-14 Tremain
Benoît Raspberry-14 Trémoulinas
Vule Raspberry-14 Trivunovic
Sarah Raspberry-14 Tullamore
Luka Raspberry-14 Turk
Sydney Raspberry-14 Turner
James Raspberry-14 Vallo
Jan Raspberry-14 VanWalré
Ivan Raspberry-14 Vasilyev
Amy Raspberry-14 Vaughan
Miguel Raspberry-14 Vázquez
Robert Raspberry-14 Vessey
Jurij Raspberry-14 Viditsch
Maria Raspberry-14 Visscher
Eberhard Raspberry-14 VonStohrer
Chai Raspberry-14 Wa
Ayaka Raspberry-14 Wada
Judy Raspberry-14 Waite
Adam Raspberry-14 Waito
Dave Raspberry-14 Waller
Alfred Raspberry-14 Wallis
James Raspberry-14 Walsh
L.T. Raspberry-14 Walton
Bashar Raspberry-14 Warda
Lewis Raspberry-14 Warlow
Philip Raspberry-14 Warwick
Mashona Raspberry-14 Washington
Stephen Raspberry-14 Wasil
Gina Raspberry-14 Wates
Hunter Raspberry-14 Watts
Neville Raspberry-14 Way
Malcolm Raspberry-14 Webster
Leo Raspberry-14 Weisgerber
Bob Raspberry-14 Weiss
Milton Raspberry-14 Welling
Valerie Raspberry-14 Wellington
William Raspberry-14 Werner
John Raspberry-14 Wescott
Robin Raspberry-14 White
Brandon Raspberry-14 White
Alice Raspberry-14 Whitman
Samuel Raspberry-14 Wilder
Dennis Raspberry-14 Williams
Steven Raspberry-14 Williams
Ollie Raspberry-14 Williams
Scott Raspberry-14 Wilson
I Raspberry-14 Wirawan
Carl Raspberry-14 Woese
Humbert Raspberry-14 Wolfe
James Raspberry-14 Wong
Steve Raspberry-14 Wood
Rory Raspberry-14 Wood
Joshua Raspberry-14 Wood
Aaron Raspberry-14 Wood
Brian Raspberry-14 Woodman
Eli Raspberry-14 Woods
Duke Raspberry-14 Wyre
Lara Raspberry-14 Yan
Ismail Raspberry-14 Yassine
Narumi Raspberry-14 Yasuda
Yoshihiro Raspberry-14 Yonezawa
Mohamed Raspberry-14 Zaki
Gilberto Raspberry-14 Zaldívar
Bill Raspberry-14 Zapalac
Ernesto Raspberry-14 Zedillo
Anna Raspberry-14 Zenger
Witold Raspberry-14 Zglenicki
Zhi-Li Raspberry-14 Zhang
Anatoly Raspberry-14 Zverev

Created by Kevan Iron-13 Davis for the Surrealist, 11th December 2002