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Here are ten 80-character pieces of feedback:-

Quality of item was terrible! Very sluggish dispatch. Packaging was offensive. F-
The item was heinous. Execrable packaging. Sluggish delivery. Seller is awful. D-
Very cursed quality! Delivery was eerie. The packaging was remarkably homely. D-!
Quality of item was loathsome! Very gross packaging. Remarkably late delivery. F-
Item was of the most unnerving quality. Dog-eared packaging. Sleazy delivery. D-!
Item was of terrifying quality. Packaging was hateful. Notably slow delivery. F-!
Quality of item was disheartening. Ever so late dispatch. Revolting packaging. D-
Item was of mean quality. Packaging was ghastly. Sluggish delivery. Disgusted. F-
Quality of item was cruel. Quality of the wrapping was evil. Delivery was bad. F-
Quality of item was stinking. Packaging was detestable. Notably slow delivery. D-

Implemented by Kevan at the suggestion of Matt Green, 24th April 2005.
Part of The Surrealist collection.