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Quality of item was horrendous. Terrible packaging. Immensely sluggish delivery.
Quality of item was horrible. Terrible packaging. Late to send. Seller is awful.
Item terrible! The packaging was immensely appalling. Ever so sluggish delivery.
Terrible quality. The packaging was notably awful. Very, very horrible delivery.
The item was dreadful. Notably sluggish delivery. Exceptionally awful packaging.
Item was of horrible quality. Awful packaging. Delivery was very, very sluggish.
The item was horrible. Remarkably awful packaging. Remarkably dreadful delivery.
Notably appalling quality. Delivery was ever so slow. Immensely plain packaging.
Item is of terrible quality. Late delivery. The packaging was notably appalling.
Quality of item was bad! Horrible delivery. The packaging was notably appalling.

Implemented by Kevan at the suggestion of Matt Green, 24th April 2005.
Part of The Surrealist collection.