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Here are ten 80-character pieces of feedback:-

Quality of item was detestable! Late delivery. Seller is god-awful and shameful.
Item is of frightful quality! Immensely dreadful delivery. Seller is petrifying.
Immensely hellish quality! Very, very loathsome delivery. Service was execrable.
The item was hideous and fearful! Slow to send. Seller is heinous and frightful.
Item is of disheartening quality! Notably sluggish delivery. Service was horrid.
Very revolting quality. Repugnant delivery. Would not buy from again. Disgusted.
Item was of dismaying quality! Delivery was frightful. Would not buy from again.
Item was of sickening quality! Delivery was loathsome. Would not buy from again.
Quality of item was unnerving. Disheartening delivery. Would not buy from again.
Remarkably horrid quality. Sluggish to send. Seller is terrifying and offensive.

Implemented by Kevan at the suggestion of Matt Green, 24th April 2005.
Part of The Surrealist collection.