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Very speedy payment! Notably pleased. High-standard correspondence. Recommended.
First-class payment. Excellent correspondence. Correspondence was great. Thanks.
Remarkably fast payment! Superb correspondence. Correspondence was good. Thanks.
Remarkably speedy payment. Very, very pleased. Correspondence was super. Thanks.
Immensely speedy payment! Correspondence was good. An exceptionally great buyer.
Very, very high-standard payment! Exceptionally pleased. A very excellent buyer.
Speedy to pay. A very, very exceptional buyer. Correspondence was high-standard.
Very, very exceptional payment! Correspondence was excellent. Immensely pleased.
Payment was remarkably fast. Super correspondence. An exceptionally great buyer.
Remarkably excellent payment! An exceptionally first-rate buyer. Superior buyer.

Implemented by Kevan at the suggestion of Matt Green, 24th April 2005.
Part of The Surrealist collection.