Battle Robots

nature Force: 4
Handling: 4
Weaponry: 2

nature is a Robot that is fitted with Metal Pincers, runs on Solar Power, and is Completely Motionless and Self-Replicating.

nurture Force: 5
Handling: 4
Weaponry: 5

nurture is a Robot that is fitted with a Welding Torch and a Water Cannon, has Wooden Panelling, is covered with Camouflage Netting, runs on a Single Watch Battery, and is Completely Motionless.

When attacking:-

Force: 6
Handling: 4
Weaponry: 2

Crushing Attack!

When defending against nature:-

Force: 2
Handling: 2
Weaponry: 2

(Vulnerable to Crushing, Fire.)

It's a stalemate!

Another Battle?

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