Giant Battle Monsters

bee Strength: 4
Agility: 8
Intelligence: 7

geekpress is a Giant Bee that has Dozens of Tentacles, controls the Weather, and can turn Invisible.

ape Strength: 1
Agility: 6
Intelligence: 1

noodlefood is a Tiny Ape that emits Ultrasonic Screams, has a Humorous Nephew Sidekick, and enjoys Climbing Buildings.

When attacking:-

Strength: 6
Agility: 8
Intelligence: 9

Cold Attack!
Water Attack!

When defending against geekpress:-

Strength: 1
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 1

geekpress wins!

Another Battle?

attacks using

geekpress - to challenge your friends and enemies to fight your Giant Battle Monster, just paste the following HTML into a web page or email:-

Or if you want a really lo-fi text link, just use:-

And if you just want to give out a URL, it's

By Kevan - 23.7.03 - See also: Food-Eating Battle Monkeys and Battle Robots