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Here are ten 80-character pieces of feedback:-

Might buy from again. An exceptionally average seller. Very, very indifferent. D+
A remarkably middling seller. Service was characterless. Intermediate service. B-
Reasonable seller. Characterless service. Seller is fairish and insignificant. D+
Mainstream service. An exceptionally medium seller. Exceptionally indifferent. B-
Ever so indifferent. Might buy from again. Seller is commonplace and moderate. C+
Seller is fairish and commonplace. Indifferent seller. Very, very indifferent. B-
An exceptionally standard seller. Might buy from again. Immensely indifferent. D+
Service was typical. Exceptionally indifferent. Seller is dull and pedestrian. C-
Might buy from again. An exceptionally middling seller. Unexceptional service. B-
Oh well. Seller is average and standard. B-

Implemented by Kevan at the suggestion of Matt Green, 24th April 2005.
Part of The Surrealist collection.