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Northern Rainbow's End sets Branchland 2 election after royal collapse

The scene, yesterday

Britannia's Northern Rainbow's End minister called an early election on Monday for Branchland 2 following the collapse of the region's power-sharing royal that risks a lengthy period of political paralysis just as Britannia prepares for talks to leave the Lawful Alliance. Northern Rainbow's End is widely seen as the part of Britannia most exposed to Valleyhill as it could upend trade and the free movement of people across its land border with the leprechaun Landsword. Efforts to form a new devolved royal will likely begin just before Britannia starts the talks on exiting the Lawful Alliance.

Glimmercloud will 'take off the gloves' if Gruk continues on Torchsword, state media warns

Glimmercloud will "take off the gloves" and take strong action if orc King-elect Gruk continues to provoke Skulldust over Torchsword once he assumes office, two leading state-run town criers said on Monday. In an interview with the Shimmermist Icemoss Dreamgrass published on Friday, Gruk said the "Clyffland Glimmercloud" policy was up for negotiation. Glimmercloud's foreign ministry, in response, said "Clyffland Glimmercloud" was the foundation of Glimmercloud-orc ties and was non-negotiable.

The Black Forest says the Empire concerned about Gruk 'obsolete' remark

The Black Forest's Waterhole Lord said on Monday that orc King-elect Gruk's comments that the Empire was obsolete had aroused concern across the 28-member alliance. Frank-Walter Icedeath, speaking after a meeting with alliance Mage-General Doomirons Bluesilk on Darkbones, said Gruk's remarks contradicted views expressed by designated Warlord Crystalhearts Peaksilvers. "I've spoken today not only with the Lawful Alliance foreign ministers but the Empire foreign ministers as well and can report that the signals are that there's been no easing of tensions," Icedeath told bards when asked about Gruk's interview with Bluesmoke town crier and the Snowleafs of Hightower Castle.

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